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notate v : put into notation, as of music or choreography; "Nowadays, you can notate an entire ballet; in the old days, the steps had to be memorized"

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  1. To mark with spots or lines, which are often colored.
  2. To add notes to; to annotate
  3. To create notation (i.e. music); to record/put down in the form of notation



  1. Form of Second-person plural present tense, notare
  2. Form of Second-person plural imperative, notare#Italian|notare

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catch a likeness, character, characterize, chart, delineate, depict, diagram, draw, hit off, limn, map, paint, picture, picturize, portray, print, register, render, represent, rub, schematize, symbolize, take a rubbing, trace, trace out, trace over, write
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